Welcome all libertarian minded fellow humans

The way forward

proprietary rights will be one of the pillars of the constitution.

Why secession?

Sweden has never been as political centralized as it is now.

With bureaucracy and interventions, the state pushes

the province and municipalities to a democracy deficit.

With the principle that 51% have the right to run over 49%,  the state are defending the "oppression by the majority".

Värmland's political voice is weak compared to the rest of Sweden,

only 3% of the voters live here.

Our solution to that is; secession of Värmland and

a decentralization within the province,

where the political decisions is transferred out to the Municipalities.

With increased individual responsibility and a newfound liberty,

Värmland will commit to the right for independence!

Fria Wermland is a new  political association

who wants a secession for the province of Värmland

With a libertarian enthusiasm will we distribute

the political mandates out to the individuals.

Self-government for the municipalities in

the province of Värmland is a matter of course for us.

Swexit and Wexit, another future is possible..!

Liberty will bring us trust in the future

Reduced taxes for both entrepreneurs and workers

is the way forward for the individual economic and social freedom.